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The Sanctuary

The Studio at New Spring Farm

Located in our Barn, our Studio is a healing arts sanctuary dedicated to providing a quiet, intimate, and safe space for sacred and soul-felt community gatherings and workshops to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.  We are a warm, tranquil, and nurturing space where everyone is welcomed, individual differences are honored and all traditions are celebrated. 

Our Healing Offerings

We embrace an integrated approach to overall well-being and support a variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual modalities. We offer a variety of workshops and classes at our Studio, including contemplative practices such as yoga, breathwork, as well as different styles of body movement, creative expression, sound healing, group work, and informal community gatherings.

Conscious Breathwork Circles

Using Conscious Connected Breathing and Breath Awareness practices to restore our natural and healthy open breath, reclaiming our ability to take in more breath, more goodness and more life.

Yoga Classes

All abilities, all bodies, and all personalities are welcome to join in on any Yoga practice, anytime.

Movement & Sound

Dance, sing, chant, and receive.


Join in the community for an extended retreat, receiving wisdom and nourishment through Earth-based ceremonies, as well as contemplative practices.

Our Promise To You

Professional Guidance

A unique and diverse offering of Professionally Trained Practitioners.

A Safe Space

A place of refuge where you can feel safe,  supported, and met exactly as you are.

Respect Your Privacy

We honor and respect your privacy. Any personal information that you share with us will be honored with the highest level of respect and privacy.

Upcoming Events at the Studio

Explore our upcoming workshops, classes & retreats.

September 3

Return To Your Element

Return To Your Element Retreat Peru, Vermont September 3 – 5, 2021 with Gardner Orton and Julie Dokas​ Nestled in the heart of the green mountain forest, amongst rolling hills cradled by mountain peaks, lies New Spring Farm.  A sanctuary for your body, mind & spirit, where your journey is honored, supported & deepened by […]