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The Sanctuary

A Collection of Sacred Spaces

A collection of sacred spaces, our Sanctuary consists of our Barn, which is home to our kitchen and studio, as well as several sacred sites on the land that surrounds us.

The Barn

Home to some of our animals, kitchen, and sacred spaces, our barn was created with multiple functions in mind. Built consciously and efficiently, it acts as the backbone of our sustainable farm.

The Studio

In our Studio, we offer a variety of workshops and classes, including contemplative practices such as yoga and breathwork.

The Kitchen

In our kitchen, we offer you the opportunity to take a cooking class or replenish your reserves with food grown right here on our farm.

The Land

Outside on the land, we offer Earth-based educational workshops and classes, as well as longer retreats and workshops. From indigenous ceremonies to Sacred Land Journeys, we offer support for a deepening of your connection to the healing energy and wisdom of the Earth.