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The Sanctuary

The Kitchen at New Spring Farm

Our kitchen was designed to support the needs of our sustainable farm. Designed and well suited for processing and preparing the food we grow, we use our kitchen to maximize the productivity of our harvests and savoir the fruits of our labor.

Our Kitchen Practices

We uphold safe kitchen practices, with strict adherence to hygiene, storage, preparation, cooking, and serving guidelines.

Sustainable Food Processing

Mindful processing and storage techniques help to maximize harvests.

Food Preperation

Eating close to the Earth is the best way to nourish body, mind and soul

Fermenting & Preserving

We preserve most of our food for long-term storage using fermentation practices that increase nutritional value.

Herbal Medicine

Using wild harvested herbs, we process and prepare medicinal tinctures, oils, and energetic essences.

Shelf Stable Storable Foods

As a sustainable living farm, we are mindful of maximizing our summer harvest, utilizing food preservation practices to ensure that the food we grow will last as long as possible. Healthy food means a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy spirit. Our vegetables, fruits, and herbs are all grown using organic and biodynamic processes. We then turn this food into storable foods including pickled and fermented foods.