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The Sanctuary

The Barn at New Spring Farm

Constructed in 2017, Our Barn was created with multiple functions in mind. As the backbone of our sustainable farm, our barn provides housing for some of our animals, as well as a certified kitchen to process and prepare the food that we grow. It’s strategically located on our farm to maximize the use of the surrounding land while increasing efficiencies. The barn is also home to some of our sacred spaces, including our Studio, which supports our wellness offerings.


We worked with Sustainable Designs of Vermont to design and construct the most energy efficient and environmentally conscious barn possible. By repurposing wood from one of the oldest known houses in Peru, VT and installing a mineral wool insulation on the exterior, we were able to maximize our resources, while using materials that increase efficiency while reducing waste. We also combined the use of a high-efficiency Geo Thermal heating and cooling system with South facing passive and active Solar Systems to maximize energy efficiencies.

Energy Efficient

Eco-friendly and Highly Efficient Materials create an energy efficient, sustainable design.

Repurposed Wood

Reclaimed wood from a salvaged house on our Farm create finishes, accents, and floors.

Active And Passive Solar

South facing design with added Solar Panels maximize the sun’s thermal energy.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Utilizing heat from 200 feet below, our heating and cooling are efficient, renewable, and sustainable.

Upcoming Events

Explore our upcoming workshops, classes & retreats.

July 27

Evening Yin Yoga with Christina

Join Christina E. McCarthy for a gentle, yet powerful, stream of postures to relieve stiffness, promote recovery from injury and illness, and improve overall flexibility. Yin Yoga poses are practiced on the floor and held anywhere from 3 – 5 minutes, offering an invitation to relax deeply within the web of our bodies, where we […]