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A place of refuge where your journey within is supported by a connection to the land

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Experience New Spring Farm

Through honoring our connection with the land, we’ve combined sustainable living with personal transformation and healing.

The Farm

Using mindful and biodynamic food growth and animal raising practices, New Spring Farm provides nourishment for those who visit and for our family who lives and works here on the farm.

The Sanctuary

New Spring Farm is our Sanctuary. It’s our home and our way of life. A collection of healing spaces and sacred sites, our sanctuary offers places of refuge where you can receive guidance, support, and healing.

Upcoming Events

Explore our upcoming workshops, classes & retreats.

June 22

Conscious Breathwork Healing Circle

Join Gardner Orton and K.King for this transformative Breathwork Experience. Conscious Breathwork guides us deep to our core, allowing us to open up and expand, while releasing unwanted physical, emotional, and mental energies.
August 8

Alchemy of the Elements Day One

With Jennifer Rose, Gardner Orton and Julie Dokas
August 11

Alchemy of the Elements Day Two

With Jennifer Rose, Gardner Orton and Julie Dokas